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Bad love (intro) Tab

Eric Clapton

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by pedro%2Egermano

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Bad love (intro)

  		VocÍ deve fazer duas vezes a intro. abaixo 
Bm                   E                 A 
Oh, what a feeling I get when I'm with you 
Bm                     E              A 
You take my heart into everything you do 
       Bb       C           Am     Bb 
And it makes me sad for the lonely people 
Bb            C           Dm 
I walked that road for so long 
      Bb        C              Am    Bb 
Now I know that I'm one of the lucky people 
Bb           C         Gm 
Your love is making me strong 
             Dm    C      Gsus 
Had enough    bad love 
       Dm          C            Gsus 
I need something I can be proud of 
     Dm    C       Gsus 
Had enough    bad love 
Dm   C        Bb 
  No more bad love     Solo: (Same Chords As Refrain) 
Bm                       E                A 
   And now I see that my life has been so blue 
Bm                           E              A 
   With all the heartaches I had till I met you 
        Bb      C              Am    Bb 
But I'm glad to say now that's all behind me 
Bb         C          Dm 
  With you here by my side 
            Bb      C        Am   Bb 
And there's no more memories to remind me 
Bb                C        Gm 
   Your love will keep me alive 
|/ slide up 
|h hammer on 
|p pull off 


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