Eric Clapton

It Hurts Me Too

Eric Clapton

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It Hurts Me Too

Year: 1994 - Album: From the Cradle

	  		"It Hurts Me Too" 

Intro (same as verse + Chorus)  

You said you was hurting, 
Almost lost your mind, 
And the man you love, 
He hurts you all the time. 


E When things go wrong, B Go wrong with you, A E A7 E B7 It hurts me, too.
Verse E You love him more When you should love him less. A I pick up behind him C And take his mess. Chorus SOLO (same as intro and outro) Verse E He love another woman And I love you, A But you love him C And stick to him like glue. Chorus Verse E Now you better leave him; He better put you down. A Oh, I won't stand C To see you pushed around. Chorus Outro (same as verse + Chorus)

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chords Eric Clapton - It Hurts Me Too
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