Jars of Clay


Jars of Clay

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Year: 1997 - Album: Much Afraid

	  		Transcribed by: Brian Germer 
This is in standard tuning with a 12-String and an electric.  I saw them live  
in Portland, so this is pretty accurate.   
12-String intro: 
     Play three times        then...                               E7/G#       
  Solo:  v= vibrato b= bend r= return h= hammer-on p= pull-off                                                                      
You name me 
Who am I 
That I should company with something so divine? 
Mercy waits, Overjoyed 
Prospect of finding, freeing 
F  G     A 
Freeing me 
(A)         Cadd9      G         A 
Love is the thing this time I'm sure 
                F        G        A  
And I couldn't need you more now 
                 Cadd9      G        F  
The way that you saw things were so pure 
G   E7/G#  (see in tab)  
(Same as first verse) 
You name me 
Thoughts of peace can overcome anything 
Mirror spins 
Wicked tales 
Here lies reflections of 
Deceptions of 
F#m/C#                      Bm  
Missing the me from you you gave to me 
F#m/C#                         Bm 
I don't like the one I have created today 
Em7                        G 
Crossing nameless from the one I've earned 
   F#m/C# Bm       G 
To be the one, the one you gave to me 
Solo (over Chorus) 
(w/12- String intro) 
You name me 
Name Me 
Finding, freeing me 
{Chorus x 2} 
F   G      F   E7/G#   
Overjoyed, Overjoyed 
Words by Dan Haseltine 
Music by Matt Odmark, Charlie Lowell, Steve Mason, Mark Hudson, Greg Wells 
Copyright 1997 BridgeBuilding Music (BMI)/Pogostick Music (BMI)/Irving Music (BMI)/ 
Greg Wells Music (BMI)/ Beef Puppet Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission. 


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