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Movin' On Chords

Good Charlotte

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by Helz

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Movin' On

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E----------------------16-16-18-18-16-16-15-15 x5 B------------------------------------------ G----------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------
Verse One: F When I think about my life C#m A# C I wonder If I will survive to live to see 25 or will I just fall? F Like all my friends the just keep dying C#m A# C People round me always crying In this place that I like to call my home A# C F (strum except for F ) Not everybody knows that everybody goes to a better place A# C F Not everybody knows that everybody could be living their last days A# C F A But the hard times will come, and we'll keep moving on A# Were moving on, keep moving on! Chorus: F A# Life, Hope, Truth, Trust, Faith, Pride, Love, Lust F On without things we've lost A# But things we've gained we'll take with us! Verse Two, Same as verse one: And all I've got are these two hands to make myself a better man I wonder if I'll ever see the end of this With all this rain it just keeps falling On my head and now I'm calling Out to someone else to help me make it through Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus (has extra words on the end)
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Middle 8: E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G----------------8---------------- D----------------8---------------- A--------------6------------------ E---------------------------------
Said were movin on, and we got nothin to prove to anyone coz we'll get through Were movin on and on and on and on and on and on and on.. Repeat Chorus and the kinda do the intro again and end :P

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