I Am the Highway


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I Am the Highway

Year: 2002 - Album: Audioslave

Written by Brad Wilk, Timothy Commerford, Tom Morello, Cornell Christopher


C   G   Dm  Am   C   G   Dm   Am 

Am  Am   Am  Am   

F           C         G       Am   
Pearls, and swine bereft of me   
F           C        G       Am   
Long and weary my road has been   
      F             C Am   
I was lost in the cities   
G            C  Am   
Alone in the hills   
     F        C  Am      G      C Am   
No sorrow or pity for leaving I feel   
   C         G                Dm   
     I am not your rolling wheels   
I am the highway   
            G               Dm   
    I am not your carpet ride   
I am the sky  

Guitar break: 

Am   Am   Am   Am 
F            C   
Friends and liars   
        G      Am   
Don't wait for me    
     F         C   
Cause i'll get on   
    G      Am   
All by myself   
      F           C Am   
I put millions of miles   
    G     Am C   
Under my heels   
    F          C Am       G   Am C                   
And still too close to you I feel   
Coro 2:   
C            G               Dm   
     I am not your blowing wind   
I am the lightining   
C           G              Dm   
    I am not your autumn moon  
I am the sky 

Guitar solo: 

F   C   G   Am  (x4) 
Coro1 y coro 2(1x)   


Yeah, yeah, yeah   x4 

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