Red Hot Chili Peppers

Breaking The Girl

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Breaking The Girl

Year: 1991 - Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

	  		Intro 2X   A  B/A C/A  D/A  A 

A      B/A C/A    D/A          A 
I am a ma- an    cut from the know 
A          B/A  C/A   D/A           A 
Rarely do frie- end´s come and then go 
A         B/A C/A  D/A          A  
She was a gi- irl  soft but estranged 
A           B/A  C/A    D/A           A 
We were the two- o  our lives rearranged 

C          G         Am 
Feeling so good that day 
  C          G         F7M 
A feeling of love that day 

Am           Am/B          C            C/D 
Twisting and turning your feelings are burning 
You?re breaking the girl 
Am  Am/B  C   C/D F7M 
She meant you no  harm 
Am              Am/B       C            C/D 
Think you?re so clever but now you must sever 
You?re breaking the girl 
Am  Am/B  C  C/D  F7M 
He  loves no one  else 

A            B/A C/A D/A         A 
Raised by my da- ad  girl of the day 
A         B/A C/A  D/A          A 
He was my ma- an  that was the way 
A           B/A C/A   D/A   A 
She was the gi- irl  left alone 
A           B/A  C/A    D/A         A 
Feeling the nee- eed to make me her home 

C             G          Am 
I don´t know how when or why 
C                G          F7M 
The twilight of love had arrived 


Ponte - 8x Am  Bm/A 

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Acordes na ponte: Am Bm/A D|---7-----7---| G|---5-----7---| B|---5-----7---| e|---5-----7---| {Refrão} Riff após encerrada a letra (mesmos acordes do refrão) G|----14-----14-----14-----14--13-14--13-14--13-14--13-14-| B|-13-13--13-13--13-13--13-13--12-13--12-13--12-13--12-13-| e|-12-----12-----12-----12--------------------------------|

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