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Make you feel better

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Make you feel better

Year: 2006 - Album: Stadium Arcadium

Written by Flea/John Frusciante/Anthony Kiedis/Chad Smith

	  		(A F G D) 
She's the one she's the only one 
She's got ripped back light 
Gonna make me come 
I say... when I smile I'm a really smile 
I got dreams so wide like a country mile 
I said now, I'll take it 
It's better for you 
Somehow we'll make it 
'cause that's what we do 
Pick a star in the open sky 
I see you see me 
And that is why I 
Hop along to the cowboy beat 
When I feel your fire 
Jump up to meet 
Something out there 
Where love is your only friend and 
We are the ones 
That will make you feel better and 
Someone to spare 
When love is the only end and 
We are the ones 
That will make you feel better 
Oh yeah 
In a world that has run amok 
I've got to set my sights 
Just to get struck 
I walk away from the rank and file 
With a punched out mouth 
And a pack of style 
I say... she's the one she's the only one 
Make me search myself 
Until I'm done... and 
Tell me now in a telegram 
Do the sea of stars 
Make a diagram... and 
So alive I arrive on dust 
You can search my mind 
For the red on rust... I said 
Take me there and she really cares 
Lights up for me gonna hear my prayers 
I said 

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