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Guns N' Roses

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  		Versão 1

Int.: (Am  C/G  F7M) - bis 3x - G4  G  F7M(b11)  F7M

Am      C/G    F7M
I won't be told anymore
    Am      C/G              F7M
That I've been brought down in this storm
    Am      C/G        F7M
And left so far out from the shore
       G4        G
That I can't find my way back,
F7M(b11)   F7M
my way anymore
No, I..
   Am  Em  Am  C/G  F7M  G4  G  F7M(b11)  F7M  (Am)
No, I...

   Am         C/G          F7M
Forgive that they teared down my soul
      Am          C/G      F7M
Bless them that they might grow old
   Am         C/G      F7M
A dream that's forgotten may know
       G4  G  F7M(b11) F7M
That it's ne...ver  too      late

So many times that
I've seen life before me
I searched and found the way
              Em   Am
to choose to the endI found a way,to know, why it had to be
        G4 G   F7M(b11)  F7M
Mired in denial and saw all the rain
Am              C/G
If we ever find it true
Love will have its way to choose
            G4   G
Three more to tame
          F7M(b11) F7M
We can be e................ver

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Contribuição: Eber calazans([email protected])
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