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It's My Life (ver. acoustic) Chords

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by europeu

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It's My Life (ver. acoustic)

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E------1---1-0-------------------| B-1--2---------1--1----1--0------| G-2---------------2----------2---| D-2---------------3--------------| A-0------------------------------| E--------------------------------|
Verse: Am Em G This aint a song for the broken hearted, Am Em G A silent prayer for faith departed, Am Em I aint gunna be just a face in the crowd, C G Am Your gunna hear my voice when i shout it loud. Chorus: Am Coz it's my life, F C It's now or never, G Am I aint gunna live forever, F C Em G I just wanna live while i'm alive, Am F C Its my life, My heart is like the open highway, G Am Like frankie said i did it my way, F Em I just wanna live while i'm alive, Em G Am Its My Life. This is for ones who stood their ground Like Tommy and Gina, never backed down Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake Luck ain't even lucky got to make your own breaks Interlude: G C You better stand tall when they're calling you out Am Em G Don't bend don't break baby don't back down
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Outro: E|----------1-0---------------1-0-------------| B|--------5-----1-----------5-----1-----1-----| G|------5---------2-------5-------------2-----| D|---/7----------------/7---------------2-----| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------|
Layout: Intro x2 Verse Chorus Intro Verse Chorus Interlude Chorus Outro

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