John Frusciante

Someone's Tab

John Frusciante

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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  		version 1 :

Transcribed by Sean Brokenshire
[email protected]

*                                     *
* Strum in this pattern throughout:   *
*                                     *
*      |    |   |     |  |  |     *
* |: Down, Down, Up,  Up, Down,Up :|  *
*                                     *

INTRO: - Drum and Guitar

G   x4

VERSE 1 - Drum and Guitar and Vocal

G                    C  
Someone's waiting to fly with me

G                   C  
Someone's saying goodbye 

              Bb                  C  
Everytime she says hello cuz they both

Bb                C  
Connect no one to show

    G                     C  
But I'm floating down this air stream

G                    C  
I'm floating and it's every dream

     Bb               C  
I've ever had and I'm so

Bb                     C  
Happy and sad cuz they both

Eb                   F               
Connect me with when I've never been a

Earth body

INSTRUMENTAL - Guitar and Drums

G   x4

VERSE 2 - Drums and Guitar and Vocals

G             C  
Any house is a frame

G                  C  
Anything real has a friend

    Bb                   C  
We talk ourselves out of it

Bb                   C            C                    
Without precounts to hidden not-forgives (?)

G                          C  
Everywhere I look there's a face

G                      C  
Everyone deserved has a place

Bb                C  
Crowding's just a word

Bb                C           C  
Everytime draws a light        bright

G                 C  
Hold and turn me infinite

G                 C   
Hold and turn me infinite

Bb                 C  
Someone's taken me all

Bb                 C      C       G    
Someone's taken me all,    over out there

version 1 :

Transcribed by: Chris Valente
Email: [email protected]

Wow - this is a good song. Should have been on the album.
There's slight echo and reverb throughout the whole song. 
Key of C Major.


 Bridge        First couple times        Last time play this instead          

 Outro        1st Endings         Last Ending                                 

                                           Last Chord      Last note          

Contribuio: Paula Barbosa Santos([email protected])

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