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For You Tab

John Denver

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For You

  		Song:	For You 
Tab:	el Sancco ([email protected]) 
This is a guitar transcription of For You which would 
normally be played on piano.  I hope this helps you 
play the song, but if you need any more help with this 
just email me.  Thanks.  I first listed the riffs for 
each section, and then the chords so you know where to 
play each riff.  Enjoy! 
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C C C E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|--1--------1---1----1--------1---1----1--------1---1-----| G|-------0---------0-------0---------0-------0----------0--| D|-----2---2---2---------2---2---2---------2---2---2-------| A|--3-----------------3-----------------3------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------| VERSE: ------ C Am F E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|--1--------1---1----1--------1---1----1--------1---1-----| G|-------0---------0-------2---------2-------2----------2--| D|-----2---2---2---------2---2---2------3--3---3---3-------| A|--3-----------------0-----------------3------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------| Dm G C E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|--6--------6---6----3-----------------1--------1---1-----| G|-------7---------7-----------4---4---------0----------0--| D|-----7---7---7-----------5---------5-----2---2---2-------| A|--5--------------------5---5---5------3------------------| E|--------------------3------------------------------------| CHORUS: ------- C Am F G E|--------------------0----0---1----3-----------------------| B|--1--------1---1----1--------1----3-----------------------| G|-------0---------0--2----2---2----4-----------------------| PLAY D|-----2---2---2------2--2---2-3----5-----------------------| x2 A|--3-----------------0--------3----5-----------------------| E|-----------------------------1----3-----------------------| C G F E D C E|--------------------3--------1----0----2---------------------| B|--1--------1---1----3--------1----0----3---1--------1---1----| G|-------0---------0--4----4---4----1----2--------0---------0--| D|-----2---2---2------5--5---5-3----2----0------2---2---2------| A|--3-----------------5--------3----2--------3-----------------| E|--------------------3--------1----0--------------------------|
For the chords below, * bass note or one strum, you choose + add extra notes, high octave scale run INTRO: ------ C C C VERSE 1: -------- C Just a look in your eyes again Am F Dm Just to lay in your arms G C Just to be the first one always there for you C C Am Just to live in your laughter F Just to sing in your heart Dm G C Just to be everyone of your dreams come true VERSE 2: -------- C C Just to sit by your window Am F Dm Just to touch in the night G C Just to offer a prayer each day for you C C Am Just to long for your kisses F Just to dream of your sighs Dm G C C Just to know that I'd give my life for you CHORUS: ------- C Am *F *G For you for the rest of my life C Am *F *G For you all the best of my life C G *F *E *D C For you alone, only for you VERSE 3: -------- C C Just to wake up each morning Am F Dm Just to you by my side G C Just to know that you're never really far away C C Am Just a reason for living F Just to say I adore Dm G C C Just to know that you're here in my heart to stay CHORUS: ------- C Am *F *G For you for the rest of my life C Am *F *G For you all the best of my life C G *F *E *D C For you alone, only for you BRIDGE: ------- C Am F Dm G C C+ OUTRO VERSE ----------- REFRAIN: -------- C Just the words of a love song Am F Dm Just the beat of my heart G C C+ Just the pledge of my life, my love, for you -------------------------------------------- Transcribed By SANCCO ([email protected]) ---------------------------------------------

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