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It s A Long Way To The Promise Land

It's a long way to the promise land so you'd better well know your way
There's a ship on the ocean and an albatross who is trying to lead you astray

E  B  A                         B    
     Leaders, politicians, and power whores 
             A                     B
     are in line to receive your choice
              A                    B                           
     And you bet your ass, if you give it to them, 
                 A     E         B     E  B
     they will gladly take your voice
            A                B             A  E     B   
And it's a long way to the promise land Wo-oh Oh oh oh
            A                B             A  E     B   
And it's a long way to the promise land Wo-oh Oh oh oh


It's a long way to the promise land, if we work we might find it here
There's no substitute for enlightenment, there's no reason for bridled fear

E  B  A                              B
    When you join the people who've joined the club 
                A                   B
    you gotta clench and play your hand
                 A                         B
    'Cuz if you fall in line you're gonna fall in time 
                A     E       B    E  B
    and you'll never make a stand


  D           E        B      D        E        B
What are you going to do?   When they call for you?
 D          E   B          D         E         B      
Bend and capitulate?   Or keep your head on straight?

E  B  A                             B              
     Easy answers bought without experience, 
                 A                   B
     is gonna l lead you to certain doom
                  A                      B             
     Because the truth is just what you make of it, 
         A         E          B    E  B  
     it begins and ends with you!


Get in line

Enviada por Emerson Malucelli Iurk - [email protected]

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