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Across The Sea Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by rkaiser

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Across The Sea


G          B     E              D 
You are an eighteen year old 
    G                B           C       D 
girl  who lives in the small city of Japan 
G             B         E             D 
   You heard me on the radio 
    G             B         C             D 
About one year ago and you wanted to know 
G           B         E               D 
   All about me and my hobbies 
G          B           E               D 
  My favorite food and my birthday 

G B E D/B Why are you so far a way from me? G B E D I need help and your way accccross the sea
C Verse G B E D They don't make stationary like G B C D this where I'm from so fragile, so refined G B E D So I sniff and I lick (So I snare) (and I lick) G B C D Your envelope and fall to little pieces every G B C D time I wonder what clothes you wear to G B C D school. I wonder how you decorate your G B C D room I wonder how you touch yourself and G B C D (play fill 1) curse myself for being across the sea Chorus Solo E D# C# B A G# F# At ten I shaved my head and tried to be a monk E D# C# B A G# F# I thought the older women would like me if i did E D# C# B A G# F#/G# You see mom I'm a good little boy (good little boy) E D# C# B A G# F#/G# B It's all your fault momma It's all your fault Verse G B C D Goddamn This business is really lame G B C D I gotta live on an island to find the juice G B E D So you send me your love (So you send) (me your love) G B C D From all around the world As if I could live on (from all around the world) G B C D Words and dreams and a million screams oh E B C D How I need a hand in mine to feel G B A E E E E DDDDDD Why are you so far away from me G B A E E E E E E E E E E Why are you so far away from me C

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