Bonfire Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Intro: B E (x8)

verse 1: 
  You got your mind 
E         B 
set on it Losing me 
over the head on it 
  You splatter your 
E          B 
logic like I came 
here to see the 
first day of your life 

B E The speed of light B fixates on you Moving through E time a failing B pursuit Give off E a spark you light B E up the room
Interlude: B E (x4) verse 2: B You got your heart E B broken Now You unfold it when E you're falling B down You tell me E she was boring you B She keep ticking E behind glass walls good as new
B E The speed of light is B over your head Moving E through night faces B you'll forget You ask E a lot she said go B ahead He said go E ahead I say go ahead
Outro: B E x4 B(hold)

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