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Note: It's basically based on Eb, Bb, Ab and Cm. 
      But powerchords are played on the recording (hence the Eb5 etc). 

Eb5 Bb5         Ab5      Bb5 
  I   watch you   anxiously 
Eb5               Bb5    Ab5               Bb5 
  You paint it celestial,   you paint it serene 

        Eb5               C5 
What do you want, what do you need? 
Ab5         Bb5 
  A welcome mat 
        Eb5           C5 
You get lazy, you get boring 
Ab5            Bb5 
  You jump the track 

Ab5 Bb5 And your birthday party tongue dripping, you'll Eb5 C5 summarize Ab5 Bb5 Travel the world ivy tripping with Eb5 C5 Ab5 Bb5 no spotlight
Verse: Eb5 Bb5 Ab5 Bb5 I fill your plastic cup Eb5 Bb5 Ab5 Bb5 I'm cooling in peacefulness, you dress it up Bridge: Eb5 C5 What do I want, what do I think Ab5 Bb5 Nobody hears Eb5 C5 I take all the space I need Ab5 Bb5 And my tears run clear
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Lead1: e:-10^11-11-11---11-11-11-|-10^11-11-11--...-| b:-11----11-11---11-11-11-|-11----11-11--...-| G:------------------------|--------------...-|
Ab5 (w/Lead1) Bb5 While your short-term memory's slipping you'll Eb5 C5 improvise Ab5 Bb5 Travel the world ivy tripping with Eb5 C5 no spotlight
Outro: Ab5 Bb5 oooohoohoooo Eb5 C5 oohooooohohohooooo Ab5 Bb5 ooooh Eb5 C5 Ab5 Bb5 Eb5 C5 Ab5 Bb5 Eb5

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