Sister Saint


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Sister Saint

	  		Sister Saint, by Waxahatchee 

Live at Nervous Energies 

G            D 
Weak knees, fuck your sympathy. 
A                    G (hammer first string) 
I'll be my own best friend. 
   G         D 
She prays as the radio plays 
   A                        G (hammer again) 
"I See A Bad Moon Rising.." again. 
 G              D 
Foretold, she lives on hold. 
      A                     G  (hammer it) 
What is she trying to save me from? 
G             D 
Blindspot in the adjacent lot, 
        A                G 
waiting for my time to come. 

D       A             G 
I won't wait in this line. 
D        A              G 
I've got nothing left in me. 
D          A                G 
My weight on your shifting spine. 
D             A             G 
I fuck up and you fabricate me. 

G D A G(hammer middle finger) D A 

G             D 
Gray days on paper plates, 
A               G (hammer) 
our vibrations collide. 
G        D 
Arcane, sister's a saint. 
A                 G (hammer) 
She sets herself aside. 
G          D 
Pitfall, publish, appall, 
A                         G (hammer) 
I fall down right in the street. 
G               D 
You blow smoke, you sugarcoat, 
A             G  
then you take a front row seat. 

D       A             G 
And I think I've had enough. 
D       A           G 
I'm not listening to it. 
D               A             G 
Lay all of your cards on the table. 
D            A               G 
I know that you'd take every bit. 

G D A G D A G D A 

D        A          G 
I won't wait in this line. 
D          A            G 
Sooner or later it goes awry. 
D       A                     G 
And you live your life like a chore 
D           A         G           D 
and I'm not listening anymore. 

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