Lips And Limbs


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Lips And Limbs

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		No video of a live on youtube allows me to say for certain if these are the right  
chords. But this is what I hear. The lyrics are from the CD jacket, not internet sites. 


Could you be extraordinary? 
D                Em            C 
Stems and seeds, bucket seats. 
This house is full of slurred speech. 
D                        Em         C 
You're tormented I watch you bleed. 
G                                 D 
And with this drink I'll take you back home 
          Em               C 
We are shimmering bright. 
G                         D 
Stagger through uncharted parks 
                            Em           C 
The stars could be tawdry streetlights. 

Em                         C 
And we don't have too much to say, 
G               D 
I can't feel a thing. 

G D Em C x2 

Is this just a wrinkle 
D                    Em        C 
On a page that ends dismally? 
I choose a path and run so fast 
D                 Em           C 
You are bored of following me. 
G                                D 
And with this drink I'll swallow the intangible 
         Em         C 
I can't illustrate. 
Control my limbs and lips 
D                            Em         C 
cause you're too crowded to commiserate. 

Em                    C 
And we're mechanical in your double bed, 
G               D                G 
Remorse hung overhead to approach me. 

G D Em C x2 

Could you be extraordinary? 
D                   Em         C 
We're alone in this gaudy mess. 
In the house of slurred speech 
D                  Em       C 
Sharing gravity to suppress. 
And in your ear I will whisper weakly 
D               Em           C 
Things that I do not mean. 
G                      D 
You are deaf and dumb and I am numb 
            Em           C 
And we're illuminating 

Em           C 
I never had too much to say, 
G               D 
I can't feel a thing. 

G D Em C x2 

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