Blue Pt Ii


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Blue Pt Ii

verse 1 

E                 D            C#            B 
If you think that I'll wait forever, you are right and 

A             D              C#m         Bm 
I'll give you everything you wanted if I can 
E          D              C#m           Bm 
And when I look into your olive colored eyes 
A        D                   C#               B 
I feel a breach, it makes me cry, it makes me cry 
A         F# 
I wake up early every morning 
        Bm              D 
And you sleep for hours after me 
A               F# 
In our darkened bedroom 
        B                  D 
I can't breath behind this curtain that we keep 

Interlude: E D C# B, A D C#m Bm 

verse 2 

E             D               C# 
We'll wake up sober two weeks later; 
And we're loving 
A        D                C#m                Bm        
The atmosphere is fucking tired it brings us nothing 
E                 D            C#m          Bm 
If you think that I'll stay forever you are right and 
A             D              C#            B 
I'll give you everything you wanted when I can 
A                          F#          Bm 
And it may look like every hour is dictated 
By the chance of rain 
A                 F# 
We won't melt or die 
         B            D 
We won't even feel an ounce of pain 

Outro: E D C# B, A D C#m Bm D 

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