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Movie star Chords

Róisín Murphy

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by happiness

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Movie star

  		E A 
I'm a trusting soul I?m ashamed of living dangerously 
I'm a headstrong girl I?m afraid I won't be told 
I feel my destiny is only around the corner 
Sugar daddy promised me I?ll be sitting on top of the world 
So he's a headstrong guy and perhaps I shouldn't listen 
There's a million girls wanna be in my position 
If he tells me lies I?ll suspend my disbelieving 
I leave it all behind I ain't asking for permission 
B C#m A B 
He saw my naked ambitions said I would leave them wanting more 
B C#m A B 
That could be crazy wishing we could ever have it all 
Have it all, have it all 
Feels like a new beginning and there's so much to explore 
It's not so crazy thinking we could really have it all 
Have it all, have it all 
E A 
We'll make a movie, we'll break into cinema 
You'll be director and I?ll be your movie star 
We'll make a movie, the darlings of cinema 
You'll be director and I?ll be your movie star 
Oooooh, oooooh 
Oooooh, oooooh 


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