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Intro: F#m E A D E 

Verse 1: 
F#m                      E                    A                 
Let's make this fleeting moment last forever  
So, tell me what you're waiting for?  
F#m                      E                    A                 
I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever,  
There's no regretting anymore.  

F#m                E                        
It's worth to wait, even so far away.  
A                            D                     E 
I'm making the night mine until the day I die  
F#m                E                          
No lights to brake when you're hanging by faith  
A                            D                     E 
You know what it feels like when you're dancing blind  

F#m                E                        
All alone, just a beat inside my soul  
A                            D                     A  
Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold  
F#m                E                        
In the zone where the beat is uncontrolled.  

A D E I know what it feels like F#m A E D Come on make me feel alive F#m A E Feel alive, feel alive x3 Feel alive, feel alive Abm D
Verse 2 Meet me under shining lights, I've been waiting right here all my life Feelings you can't deny that you're living open up your eyes And I just wanna sink into your crazy laughter Come on feel me until the pain don't matter Every second here makes my heart beat faster Finally think I found what I've been chasing after. Pre-chorus & Chorus (2x) Chorus Bm Abm

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