Empire of the sun


Empire of the sun

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Intro and Verse 

Em              Bm                C 
Oh in the meadow where we lie  
Back in spring of 79 
Em                  Bm            C 
There were no rules to feel sublime 
Lets trek down the path 
Em          Bm           C        
We just slept to the radio 
Gentle as my heart beats now 
Em              Bm                  C             D 
Turn up those years all over again, my friend 

C D Em Bm/C Be my, be my DNA C Don't wanna fade away C D Em Bm/C Rewind, there's no yesterday C It's all discovery C D Em Bm/C Dreamtime, It's our special place
C Lets keep each other awake C D Em Bm/C Our hearts now they beat the same Bridge Em Bm D C

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