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Year: 1996 - Album: Stranger in Us All

Key:  F#m More
Ariel Key C#mC#m
Ariel Key DmDm
Ariel Key D#mD#m
Ariel Key EmEm(one step down)
Ariel Key FmFm(half step down)
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Ariel Key AmAm
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Ariel Key BmBm
Ariel Key CmCm
Intro: F#m B7 Em 

verse 1 

 Em                    C 
I search for her in the dead of night 
 Em                C 
A silhouette lit by candle light 
Em            F           Em 
In a whispered word she is gone 
Familiar stranger without a name 
    Em                     C 
In a darkened room they all look the same 
Em               F              Em    F        Em 
Like the sands of time she slips away, so far away 



verse 2 

Em                   C 
In the mirror you can see her face 
        Em                   C 
She's an angel dressed in the blackest lace 
 Em              F              Em 
A sip of wine and the game can begin 
Just an image lost in fantasy 
Em                        C                
Then you touch her and you can't break free 
Em               F                         Em 
Till you see your fate written there in her eyes 

Am F Em Oooooooooh, Ariel Am F C G B7 Lost in a distant dream, take me home, Ariel
Instrumental Em C Em C Em F Em (x2)
Am F Em Oooooooooh Am F C G B7 I'm so lost in a distant dream, take me home, Ariel Am F Em Oooooooooh, Ariel Am F C G I'm so lost in a distant dream, take me home, Ariel, yeah F C G Lost, I'm so lost, Oh Ariel, yeah F C G I'm so lost, but not alone, so far from my home, Ariel
Outro Gm Dm Gm Dm Oooooooooh, Ariel, Oooooooooh, Ariel...

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