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You and me Chords

Alice Cooper

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You and me

Year: 1990 - Album: The Best Of Alice Cooper: Mascara & Monsters

(Alice Cooper)

	  Dm7                                 G7             F   G   C             C/B         Am7
You and me ai'nt no movie stars, what we are is what we are 
Dm7                                     G7                     E7  A7 
We share a bed, some lovin' and TV ...yeah 
Dm7                                 G7                 F    G     C                 C/B     Am7 
That's enough for a working man What I am is what I am 
Dm7                     E7                                     F 
I tell ya babe, that's just enough for me. 
E7                                                     A         Asus4 A 
When I get home from work I wanna wrap myself around you 
I wanna take you and squeeze you till the passion starts to rise 
F#m7                                     Bm7                                     F#m7                 A7 
If I could take you to heaven, that would make my day complete...


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