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Looking Through Her Eyes Chords

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Looking Through Her Eyes

	  INTRO: G Bm  Em   C  D  G  D  Em C

G                               D/F# 
  She never really had a chance     On that fateful moonlit night
Em                             C
  Sacrificed without a fight A victim of her circumstance
G                           D/F#
  Now that I've become aware    And I've exposed this tragedy
Em                                 C
  A sadness grows inside of me It all seems so unfair
Em                           D                           G
  I'm learning all about my life By looking through her eyes
G                                 D/F#
  Just beyond the churchyard gates    Where the grass is overgrown
Em                                  C
  I saw the writing on her stone I felt like I would suffocate
G                              D/F# 
  In loving memory of our child    So innocent, eyes open wide
Em                                 C
  I felt so empty as I cried Like part of me had died
Em                           D                           Am
  I'm learning all about my life By looking through her eyes
And as her image Wandered through my head
   G                          D
I wept just like a baby As I lay awake in bed
Am                              C
  And I know what it's like To lose someone you love
    Em                   D
And this felt just the same 
G                            D/F#
  She wasn't given any choice    Desperation stole her voice I've been
Em                                C
  given so much more in life I've got a son, I've got a wife 
G                              D/F# 
  I had to suffer one last time    To grieve for her and say goodbye 
Em                                  C
  Relive the anguish of my past To find out who I was at last 
Em                     D
  The door has opened wide
                      C   Am                   G
I'm turning with the tide Looking through her eyes.

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