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Driftaway Chords

Motley Crue

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C C/B Am7 C/G e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|------3---1-----------3---1-----------3---1-----------3---1---| g|----0---------------0---------------0---------------0---------| d|--2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-| a|3---------------2---------------0-----------------------------| e|------------------------------------------------3-------------| Riff 1: Intro and verse ; play twice for both the intro and the verse C C/B Am7 D/F# e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|------3---1-----------3---1-----------3---1-----------3-------| g|----0---------------0---------------0---------------2-----2---| d|--2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-----0-----0---0-| a|3---------------2---------------0-----------------------------| e|------------------------------------------------2-------------| Riff 2: Intro to bridge; play after Riff 1 has been played twice F G C C/B Am7 C/G e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- b|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- g|------2-------------0-------------0--------0--------0-------0--------------- d|----3---3---------0---0---------2--------2--------2-------2----------------- a|--3-------3-----2-------2-----3------3-2-----2--0-----0--------------------- e|1-----------1-3-----------3-----------------------------3------------------- Riff 3: Bridge F G e|-----------------------------0-| b|-----------------------------1-| g|------2-------------0--------0-| d|----3---3---------0---0------2-| a|--3-------3-----2-------2----3-| e|1-----------1-3-----------3----| C C/B Am7 C/G C C/B Am7 C/G e|-------------------------------------------| b|-13---12---10---8--------13---15---17---15-| g|-12---12----9---9--------12---14---16---16-| d|-------------------------------------------| a|-------------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------------| Riff 4: Solo 1;played on top of Riff 1 F Fm C F Fm C F G C C/B Am7 C/G e|-------------------------------------|--------------|--------------| b|-------------------------------------|--------------|--------------| g|---14---13---12---12/14\12--12/14/12-|-14---13---12-|-14---13---12-| d|---15---15---14---14/16\14--10/12/10-|-15---15---14-|-15---15---14-| a|-------------------------------------|--------------|--------------| e|-------------------------------------|--------------|--------------| Riff 5:Bridge to solo D7 G C/E G e|--------------| b|-13---12-12-12| g|-14---12-14-12| d|--------------| a|--------------| e|--------------| C C/B Am7 C/G C C/B Am7 C/G e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| b|------------------------------------------------------------------------| g|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d|------------------------------------------------------------------------| a|--------3h5p3--7-5-3h5p3--------------------3h5p3-7-5-3h5p3-------------| e|----3h5-------------------5-3-3h5p3-----3h5------------------5-3-3h5p3--| Riff 6: 12 string solo C C/B Am7 C/G C C/B Am7 D/F# e|------------------------------------------------------14b16-16-16r14-12-14-| b|--------------------------------------------------8-5----------------------| g|-7b9-9-9-9-9r7--5-5h7p5-----------------------7-5--------------------------| d|-------------------------7-5-5h7p5--------7-5------------------------------| a|------------------------------------0-7-5----------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Riff 7: solo 2
Driftaway by Motley Crue Riff 1: C C/B Look inside the mirror Am7 C/G But I don't know who I see C C/B Smoke another cigarrete Am7 C/G A smile rolls back the tears Riff 2: C C/B This contradiction seems to be Am7 D/F# The story of my life Riff 3: F G A simple man with memories of C C/B Am7 C/G Those long lost golden days F G C I close my eyes and slowly drift away Riff 4: Solo 1 Riff 1: C Mistakes I've made C/B Am7 Remind me of the roads C/B I shouldn't choose C C/B Never comes that easy when Am7 C/B There's nothing left to lose Riff 2: C C/B I cant see answers tell me Am7 D/F# Why am I so blind? F G A tired man, I'll make the best C C/B Am7 C/B Of another lonley day F G I close my eyes and slowly drift away Riff 5: Bridge to solo F Fm Never thought I'd make it C Just by playing my guitar F Just a little smile always Fm C Shelters me from pain F G Every time I start to slide C C/B Am7 C/G I wish upon a star D7 The sun comes up G C/E G And dries up all the rain Riff 6: 12 string solo Riff 7: solo 2 Riff 3: F G I'm an honest man who refuses C C/B Am7 C/G Shade on a hot and lonely day F G C C/B Am7 C/G I close my eyes and dream my life away F G C C/B Am7 C/G Now I know that I can stop the rain F G C C/B Am7 C/G Close my eyes and slowly drift away F G C C/B Am7 C/G Close my eyes and dream my life away F G C C/B Am7 C/G Close my eyes and slowly drift away F G C Close my eyes dream my life away.

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