Michael Nesmith


Michael Nesmith

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	  		Joanne:Michael Nesmith (Formerly of The Monkees.) 
This was a great song that made the Top 40 in 1970. 

#1.  (Original key) 
G   C        Am7        G   F            G 
Her name was Joanne and she lived in the meadow 
G7   C   Am7 F G 
by a pond. 
        C                Am7         G F 
And she touched me for a moment with a look that  
         G     G7        C    Am7 F G 
spoke to me of her sweet love. 
         Dm    Dm7      G   G7        C             Am7 
Then the woman that she was drove her on with desperation, 
    G Dm   Dm7    G     G7     C            Am7 
And I saw, as she went, a most hopeless situation, 
    G F            Fm7          G          G7 
for Joanne and the man, and the times that made  
them both run. 

G   G7  C      Am7   F           Dm7       G 
She was only a girl..I know that well, but still 
G7          C   Am7 F G 
I could not see..... 
Am7      C             Am7     G    F         
That the hold that she had was much stronger than  
    Dm7      G        C   Am7 F G 
the love she felt for me. 
    Dm    Dm7      G7          C             Am7 
But stay..ing with her, and my little bit of wisdom, 
G     Dm   Dm7   G     G7     C               Am7 
broke down her desires like a light through a prism, 
  G  F           Fm7         G           G7 
into yellows and blues and a tune that I could 
not have sung. 

           Am         Am7     Dm      Dm7 
Though the essence is gone, I have no tears to  
cry for her. 
F           F7                  G 
And my only thoughts of her are kind. 

    G F            Fm7         G          G7 
For Joanne and the man and the times that made  
them both run.(x2)(Fade) 

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat. 

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