Lee Marlow


Lee Marlow

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	  		Intro-F Bb F F  Bb C F C 
Jo(F)anne take the (Bb)hand of a (F)very happy (Bb)man  
Cause if not for (F)you I wouldn't be what I am to(C)day  
Jo(F)anne I'm only (Bb)trying to (F)say in a special (Bb)way,  
How much I (F)love you for (C)all the things you've (F)done  
Jo(Bb)anne you've given life where there was (F)none  
You've given me a dream to build up(C)on  
Jo(Bb)anne can you see all the (F)things you've given (Bb)me  
Well this is (F)why (C)your my number (F)one  
F F Bb F F  Bb C F  
Jo(Bb)anne you have seen me through (F)hard times  
Never ones you have let me (C)down  
Jo(Bb)anne can you see, just how (F)much you meen to (Bb)me  
Well this is (F)why (C)your my number (F)one  
Repeat chorus 
Outro-F F Bb F F  Bb C F 
I had a poor mp3 to go by. Hope this is right. 


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