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Banana Pancakes Chords

Jack Johnson

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Banana Pancakes

Year: 2005 - Album: In Between Dreams

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Chords |-3--3--5--5----------------| |-3--3--5--5----------------| |-4--5--6--7----------------| |-5--5--7--7----------------| |-5--3--7--5----------------| |-3--x--5--x----------------| G C A D Fill 1 |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------5-----------------------------| |-5h7-7---7h5-3-----------------------| Fill 2 |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------| |-------5-----------------------------| |-3h5-5---5h3-5-----------------------|
Verse: G D7 you hardly even notice Am C7 when I tried to show you G D7 this song is meant to keep you Am C7 from doing what your supposed to G D7 waking up too early Am C7 maybe we can sleep in G D7 make you banana pancakes Am C7 Am Pretend like it's the weekend now Chorus: {Fill 1 } G7 we could pretend it all the time, {Fill 2 } Am and cant you see that its just raining {Fill 1 } G ain't no need to go outside Just maybe... Verse: Hala ka lu ku le le mama made a baby really dont mind the practice cause your my little lady lady lady love me cause i love to lay here lazy we can close the curtains pretendin' like there's no world outside Chorus: we could pretend it all the time, yeah cant you see that its just rainin aint no reason to go outside Bridge: Am D telephone singin ringin its to early dont pick it up... we dont need to Am D we got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough... Bm just so easy when The whole world fits inside your arms Em C Don't really need to pay attention to the alarm G D G Wake up slow, mmmm mmmmm wake up slow VERSE 1 CHORUS

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