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Through It All Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by kellesdaniel

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Through It All

	  {INT} -> G  Em9  Cmaj7 Cmaj6  Dsus4 D (2x) 
G              D/F#      Em  
You are forever in my life 
           Cmaj7        C6        Dsus D
You see me through the seasons 
G      D/F#          Em  
Cover me with your hand 
           Cmaj7  C6      Dsus       D
And lead me in your righteousness 
        Bm7        C
And I look to you 
        Bm7        C  Dsus 
And I wait on you 
    G                       Cmaj7  C6
I'll sing to the Lord a hymn of love 
             D         Em7      C  Dsus  
For your faithfulness to me 
     G                 Cmaj7 C6
I'm carried in everlasting arms 
       D/F#  G        C      Dsus     G
You never let me go through it all 
G Em C Dsus
Bridge: Hallelujah, Hallelujah (2x)  

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