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With All I Am

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With All I Am


Verse 1:   
D              A/C#           Bm   
Into Your hands    I commit again   
Bm/A  G        A      D   
All I am  for You Lord   
                A/C#                    Bm   
You hold my world  in the palm of Your hands   
   Bm/A    G     A    Em7 Asus   
And I am Yours Forever   

A D A/C# G/B Jesus, I believe in You D/F# F#m G Jesus, I belong to You Em You??re the reason that I live Asus A The reason that I sing D With all I am
Verse 2: D A/C# Bm I walk with You wherever You will go Bm/A G A D Through tears and joy I??ll trust in You A/C# Bm And I will live In all of Your ways Bm/A G A Em7 And Your promi ?( ses for - ever Bridge: Dsus D A/C# I will wor - ship G/B Bm A I will wor - ship, You

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