Shawn Mcdonald

Through It All

Shawn Mcdonald

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Through It All

Capo on 7th fret
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C e|-------3-----| B|-------3-----| G|-------------| D|----2--------| A|-------3-----| E|-------------| G e|------3-----| B|------3-----| G|------------| D|------------| A|---2--------| E|------3-----| D e|---2--------| B|-------3----| G|---2--------| D|------------| A|------------| E|------------| Em e|-------3----| B|-------3----| G|------------| D|--2---------| A|--2---------| E|------------|
verse 1-2: Em, C, G, D - 4x Em Through it all C I've been a blind man G D Fumbling through the dark Em Through it all C I've been a runaway G D So with a broken heart Em Through it all C You were the only one G D That believed in who I am Em Through it all C You never left me G And I'll never understand D How you love me through the...
C G The highs, the lows D Em The fights, the blows C G The hurt, the pain D Every tear that falls like rain C G D Em My heart still yields in fire and heat C G The rise and fall D So now You love me C G, D, C Through it all
verse 2: {palm mute} Em, C, G, D - 4x Through it all You brought me closer Even when I pushed You away Through it all You've been my shelter When I couldn't tell night from day Through it all You find a way to love Even when I've given up on You Through it all You never leave me D And I'll never understand D How You love me through the... (Chorus) Bridge: C, G, D Through it all C, G, D Through it all C No deep, no wide G No hurt, no fights D No life, no death Em No tears, no pain C G D Could separate me from Your love (Chorus x2)

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