Garth Brooks

Burning Bridges

Garth Brooks

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Burning Bridges

Am                C          F                  C 
Yesterday she thanked me for oilin that front door 
     Dm                 C                    F           G 
This morning when she wakes she won't be thankful anymore 
       Am              C                  F               C 
She'll never know how much I cared just that I couldn't stay 
         Dm             C            F               G 
And I'll never know the reason why I always run away 
F C Burning bridges one by one G Am F G C What I'm doing can't be undone G Am C And I'm always hoping someday F C I'm gonna stop this runnin' around Dm C But every time the chance comes up F C Dm7 G C Am C Another bridge goes down
last night we talked of old times Families & home towns She wondered if we'd both agree On where we'd settle down And I told her that we'd cross that bridge Whenever it arrived Now thru the flames I see her standin on the other side chorus.... G Am C F C Like ashes on the water I drift away in sorrow Dm C F G Knowing that the day my lesson's finaly learned Am C Fmaj7 C I'll be standin at a river staring out across tomorrow Dm C And the bridge I need to get there Fmaj7 G Am D Will be a bridge that I have burned chorus....

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