Collective Soul

Burning Bridges Chords

Collective Soul

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by %2D+kepler+%2D

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Burning Bridges

  		Bsus2               Asus2          E          Bsus2 Bbsus2 G#5 F#5 
Been thinking a lot about my ways  guess  I'm   trying      baby 
Been searching out a way to say guess I'm sorry baby 
     E      F#5 
This time I give all to you 
It's time I prove something to you 
Bsus2 F#5 C#sus2 So I'll lift you up and hold you near E F#5 Bsus2 I'll warm your heart and calm your fears see I don't want to lose this love I found so I'll burn my bridges, burn them down
INTERLUDE: E Bsus2 Take all my world and shake it you take my dear heart and embrace it you take what I say and listen G#5 E F#5 Bsus2 my world's changing, changing for you

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