Chris Pureka

Burning Bridges

Chris Pureka

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Burning Bridges

Capo on 33rd fret

 Em C G C 
 This is a story of burning bridges and allowing time to pass 
 This is a story of forgiveness and breaking things in my hands 
 This is a story of understanding you can't choose who you love 
 Tnd this is a story of soft skin and rats in the walls 
G D well you can't just pass along the pain that comes around Em D You'll go dizzy until you fall G D and I know you didn't mean to let me down Em D but you let me down so hard
Em C G C This is a story of loaded glances and leaning in too far This is a story of vague advances and confessions in smoky bars So now I am walking down the sidewalk and I am singing to myself and I'm going to leave it all behind me now 'cause I don't need this, I just don't need this (Chorus) C D These memories are talking and talking and I'll do anything to shut 'em up I've got the pillow over my head Em C G D But they won't stop No, no they won't stop Em C G C Some fantasies are never meant to be realized at all and Some regrets could be prevented if you read the writing on the wall Oh and sometimes you say "you know nothing can happen" And then she leans over and lifts off your glasses And the next thing you know you're just tangled and guilty And you've got a head full of liquor and perfume Oh and when did you leave me and when did you find her And tell me is this just what you wanted... (repeat first verse)

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