Donavon Frankenreiter

Lovely Day

Donavon Frankenreiter

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by  JACK787

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Lovely Day

	  		Intro G G G G G F C F G F C G G G G 

G                             C           F  
All I see is sunny skies 
G                                              C         F 
Everytime I look into your eyes 
G                                        C            F 
Here we go again my friend 
G                                          C          F 
Staying together till the end 

x2 G F It's gonna be C A lovely day G F It's gonna be C A lovely day
G Being down in the open air Living life like we just dont care Just doing what we want to do Not doing what we supposed to do Chorus x2 G We'll just flow Em On top of the C Clouds that cover Am7 Our skies I say G We'll just fly Em On top of the C Clouds that cover Am7 Our skies each day INSTRUMENTAL Chorus x2 End on G

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