Decyfer Down


Decyfer Down

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Verso 1:

F      Em       Am 
A star fades in space 
As a candle flickers 
F       Em     C 
Burning out of trace 
F        Em         Am 
Live our lives with grace 
As our candles flicker 
F      Em      Am 
Burning out of trace 
F       Em     C       Bb       Am 
Burning out of trace 

F Choose your words C Choose them wise G G#5 Am For they will lead to your demise F Take my life C Take my faith G F Em Am To stop the tears that run down your face
(F Em Am) Verso 2: F Em Am But I'm happy here As the plot grows thicker F Em C Passing with the years F Em Am Live my life with fear As our leaders bicker F Em Am Passing with the years F Em C Bb Am Passing with the years (Refrão) Ponte: Am B5 Em (Refrão)

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