Decyfer Down

Burn Back The Sun

Decyfer Down

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Burn Back The Sun

(Decyfer Down)

Intro: D#m B (2x)  

D#m                      B  
i take a walk in the bitter cold,  

i try to see your face,  

D#m                      B  
the way it used to be,  

the sky was never grey,  

D#m                      B  
there was a time when i let you in,  

you turned my night to day,  

D#m      F/A#    B  
   but i turned you away  

F# C# burn back the sun, D#m bring back the fire once, B F# blazing inside this hollow cage F# C# burn back the sun, D#m you were the only one B to love me with passion's quiet rage
D#m B i have tasted the apathy, it's bitter on my lips, D#m B i am not who i used to be, betrayal with a kiss, D#m B open arms for the prodigal, you kept the flame alive, D#m F/A# B you keep this flame alive Chorus SOLO GUITARRA D#m B D#m B rage, quiet rage Chorus 2x burn back the sun...

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