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Year: 1997 - Album: O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

Key:  G More
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  		It's very easy...
G           F                      C        D
Pink, It's my new obsession...
The whole music is like this, but changes this part
          G            C            D                G          C       
D                     G  
And I think everything is goin' to be all right no matter what we do tonight...
And starts again...
Now, the tabs...
G | -----------------------------
D | -----------------------------
A | ---------3--5---------------
E | --3--1----------------------
G | ---------------------------------------------------------------|
D | ---------------------------------------------------------------|
A | ------------3---5-----------3---5----------------3--5------|
E | -------3-----------------3------------------3--1------------| 
That's it. Easy, huh?

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