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When You Come Back To Me

World Party

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When You Come Back To Me

	  		Intro 2x:  F#m    A    B    D  

Verso 1: 

F#m       E              D 
    Just afloat on the sea 
       F#m       E              D 
Find myself on a page of history 
         A               D 
You know as I ride along 
      A                   D 
I can always hear the song 
About you 
    E                        D 
And where you're meant to be 


You're going to tell me the answers 
                                     F#m     A     B     D 
I'll know, when you come back to me 

Verso 2: 

F#m              A 
    If we should fall 
          E              D 
Love will catch us every time 
F#m            E              D 
    I hear you call, I will run 
F#m           E              D 
   And if the magic of the adventure overcomes 
         F#m    E                     D 
We won't cry, because it could be fun 


  Well I'm going to tell you the answers 
You'll know, when you come back to me 

The rest of the song has no singing, except he 
sings 'All right, when you come back to me.' 
So I'll just write down the chords. First there's 
the solo. I don't transcribe solos, it's just some 

simple F#m-pentatonic shit. Then comes a quiet part, 

then a not-so-quiet part and then it's over. 
So here you go: 

Solo: F#m   E   D (3x) 
          B   D 
Aaaaalll Right, when you come back to me 

( F#m  E  E  D )  4x 

( F#m    A    B    D ) 2x 

( F#m ) 
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