The Temper Trap

Love Lost

The Temper Trap

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Love Lost


(Gm  Eb  Bb  Bb) 

Our love was lost 
But now we've found it 
Our love was lost, was lost 
And hope was gone 

Our love was lost 
But now we've found it 
And if you flash your heart, your heart 
I won't deny it 
I promise 

I promise 

Your walls are up 
Too cold to touch it 
Your walls are up, are up 
Too high to climb 

I know it's hard 
But I can still hear it beating 
So if you flash your heart 
I won't mistreat it 
I promise 

I promise 

Our love was lost 
In the rubble are all the things 
That you've, you've been dreaming of 
Keep me in mind 
When you're ready 
I am here 
To take you every time 

Oh, our love was lost 
Lost, lost, lost, lost.. 
Our love was lost 
But now its found 
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