The Little Stinkers

I Farted On Santa's Lap

The Little Stinkers

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I Farted On Santa's Lap


(verse 1) 

Mom made beans for dinner 
You know I ate 'em all 
G                                D 
She said come get your coat on, we're goin' to the mall 
G                     C             
Gonna visit Santa and sit upon his knee 
D                                C                  G    
But all that I could think about was how not to cut the cheese 

G                              C               
While waiting there for Santa, I thought that I'd explode 
G                               D 
The gas bubble grew bigger with every "Ho, Ho, Ho" 
G                         C 
Tried my best to hide it, thought I was doing swell 
D                                               N/C 
But when I sat down on Santa's lap, he hollered "What's that smell!" 

G C G D I farted on Santa's lap, now Christmas is gonna stink for me G C D C G I farted on Santa's lap, now I'll get *fart* under my Christmas tree
(verse 2) G I asked him for a baseball C I asked him for a bat G D I asked him for some ice skates but I'll get none of that G C I asked him for a lot of things I'll have to do without D G D G 'Cause when I sat on Santa's lap, I let one slip out (Back to Chorus) (verse 3) E A On Christmas Eve I snuck out of my bed without a sound E B Went down to the living room just to take a look around E A It was then that I saw Santa next to the Christmas tree B B E His arms were full of presents and they were all for me E A He put them on a pile and got up to turn around E B And blew a fart with such great force our tree almost came down E A And so I'll always cherish that special moment when B A E I realized even old Saint Nick rips one now and then
E A E B I farted on Santa's lap and Christmas didn't stink for me E A B A E I farted on Santa's lap and Santa left one on my Christmas tree
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