You Are Everything Ukulele tab


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by lainex13

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You Are Everything

Year: 1971 - Album: The Best of the Stylistics

(Thom Bell / Linda Creed)

	(electric sitar w/bass drum and strings) 
	Gbmaj7  Ab/Gb      Fm7     Bbm7       {2X} 
	  /   /   /   /     /   /   /   / 
	 Ebm7     Gb  Ab    Bb 
	  /   /   /   /     /   /   /   / 
Verse 1: 
	 Bb                      Ebm6/Bb          Bb 
	Today I saw somebody who looked just like you 
	     Ebm6           Bb 
	She walked like you do 
	    Gm           Ab 
	I thought it was you 
	Ab                 Cm        Fm             Eb/G 
	As she turned the corner, I called out your name 
	   Ab       Eb/Bb 
	I felt so ashamed 
	     Cm        Db         Ab/Bb Bb 
	When it wasn't you, wasn't you, oh.... 
	Abmaj7         Bb/Ab      Gm7          Cm7 
	  You are everything and everything is you   {3X} 
	Fm7      Ab  Bb 
	 /   /   /   / 
Verse 2: 
	 C          Cmaj7          Fm6/C        C 
	How can I forget when each face that I see 
	       Fm6       C      Am         Bb 
	Brings back memories of being with you 
	Bb              Dm         Gm       F/A 
	I just can't go on living life as I do 
	           Bb          F/C 
	Comparing each girl to you 
	         Dm             Eb              Bb/C  C 
	Knowing they just won't do, they're not you 
	Bbmaj7          C/Bb      Am7          Dm7    {3X} 
	  You are everything and everything is you 
	(repeat 2X w/electric sitar) 
	(repeat 4X; fade) 
-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers 

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