Lionel Richie


Lionel Richie

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Year: 1998 - Album: Live In Paris [Deluxe CD/DVD]

Key:  Em More
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	  		Em             D                            Em 
Lady. I'm you knight in shining armor and 1 love you 
          C                    D    Em  
You have made  me what I and I am yours 
Em                   D           D              Em 
My love,-,there's so many ways I want to say I love you 
C7+              D             Em 
Let me hold  you in my arms forever more 
         Am7       Bm7           D/E 
You have gone and made me such a fool 
C7+    Bm7             E4 E         Am7        Bm7       D/E E7 
I'm so, lost  in your love      And oh.... we belong together 
C7+         Bm7          E4 E 
Won't you believe in my song? 
Em           C/E            D 
 Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never 
Em                    C7+              D  
 find you     You have come   into my life 
Em  Em/D 
And made me wholw, oo.... 
   Em  Em/D       C7+               D 
Forever     let me wake  to see you each  
         Em              C7+ 
And every morning Let  me hear  you whisper 
D             Em 
 softly in my ear 
      Am7     Bm7                  D/ E 
In my eyes I see no  one else but you  
C7+        Bm7                  E4 E 
There's no other love like our love 
       Am7       Bm7                D/E 
And, oh yes, I'll always want you  near me 
C7+            Bm7       E4 E 
I've waited for you so long.... oooo 
C7+     D/C            G           D/F# Em Em/D 
Lardy. Your love's the only love I need 
       C7+  D/C        G     D/F#  Em 
And beside me is where want you to be, ooo... 
          C7+     D/C                          G 
'Cause, my love, my love, there's something I want 
D/F# 'Em Em/D 
you to know, 
          C7+   Bm7   Am7            C/D 
You're the love of my life!    of my life, 
          Em C/E D                E4 E 
You're my lady,       You're  my lady 


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