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Do You Remember Ukulele tab

Sarah Vaughan

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Do You Remember

( Phil Collins)

  		Intro:  F Am Bb C F Am Bb C 

F                 Am 
 We never talked about it 
      Bb                 C 
But I hear the blame was mine 
    F                      Am 
I'd call you up to say I'm sorry 
      Bb                          C 
But I wouldn't want to waste your time 
         Gm7                   F 
'Cause I love you, but I can't take any more 
          Gm7                           F 
There's a look I can't describe in your eyes 
Gm7                            Am 
   If we could try, like we've tried before 
Am7                                Gm7 
   But you keep on telling me those lies 
    F   Am  Bb  C 
Do you remember 
F                       Am 
 There seemed no way to make up 
          Bb                  C 
'Cause it seems your mind was set 
        F                 Am 
And the way you looked it told me 
         Bb                        C 
That's a look I know I'll never forget 
Gm7                       F 
You could've come over to my side 
Gm7                 F 
You could've let me know 
Gm7                           Am 
You could've tried to see the distance between us 
Am7                                 Gm7 
   But it seemed too far for you to go 
                F  Am   Bb  C 
Tell me do you remember 
Am7                  Dm 
   Through all of my life 
Am7                    Dm 
   Is spite of all the pain 
Am7                        Dm 
   You know how people are funny sometimes 
            Gm                           C 
'Cause they just can't wait to get hurt again 
                 F  Am  Bb  C 
Tell me do you remember 
F                 Am 
There things we won't recall 
      Bb                 C 
Feelings we will never find 
    F                      Am 
It's taken so long to see it 

Cos we never seemed to have the time 
      Bb                          C 
There was always something more important to do 
         Gm7                F 
More important to say 
         Gm7                      F 
And "I love you", wasn't one of those things 
F    Am  Bb     C 
But now it's too late 
    F  Am   Bb   C 
Do you remember 
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