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Above all

Michael W. Smith

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Above all

Year: 2001 - Album: Worship

Written by Lenny Leblanc, Paul Baloche

	  		Intro: G C D G (G4 G)  
G            C       D             G     
Above all powers above all kings   
G             C             D             G     
Above all nature and all created things   
G           Em         D                         C   G/B   
Above all wisdom and all the ways of man   
Am                 C                     D           G  
You were here before the world began  

G           C            D             G   
Above all kingdoms above all thrones   
             C                 D                    G      
Above all wonders the world has ever known   
 G           Em           D                     C     G/B   
Above all wealth and treasures of the earth   
Am                    C                             B4  B7    
There's no way to measure what you're worth   

  G    Am         D/F#             G   
   Crucified and laid behind a stone   
   G             Am     D/F#        G   
   You lived to die rejected and alone   
   G      Em    D                     C    G/B  
   Like a rose trampled on the ground   
                      Am  G/B    
   You took the fall       
    G                   C  D7  
   And thought of me     
   Above all 

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