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Amazing Grace Chords

Michael W. Smith

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by wenderjunior

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Amazing Grace


   D               G/D       D  
A-mazing Grace how sweet the sound   
that saved a wretch like me   
   D       D/F#     G         D  
I once was lost but now I am found  
              A/D    D  
Was blind but now I see    (Chorus)  

       D                    G/D      D  
'Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear  
And grace my fears re-lieved  
     D         D/F#     G        D  
How pre-cious did that Grace ap-pear  
             A/D     D  
The hour I first be-lieved. (Chorus)  
D/F# G D/F# My chains are gone, Iíve been set free! G/B D/A My God, my Savior, has ran-somed me, D/F# G D/F# And like a flood His mer-cy reigns. Em7 A7 D Un-ending love, / A-maz-ing Grace.//
D G/D D The Lord has pro-mised good to me, A/D His word my hope se-cures. D D/F# G D He will my shield and por-tion be A/D D As long as life en-dures. (Chorus) D G/D D The earth shall soon dis-solve like snow, A/D The sun for-bear to shine, D D/F# G D But God, who called me here be-low, D A/D Will be for-ev-er mine, D A/D Will be for-ev-er mine. D A/D You are for-ev-er mine (Chorus)

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