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My Redeemer Lives Ukulele tab


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My Redeemer Lives

E         A    
I know he rescued my soul   
E             A   
His blood has covered my sin   
   E     A      E      A   
I believe....i believe   
E             A    
My shame he's taken away   
E            A    
My pain is healed in his name   
   E      A      E  
I believe.....i believe   
B A I'll raise a banner (oh-oh-oh!) B 'cause my Lord has conquered the grave E A My redeemer lives C#m B My redeemer lives E A My redeemer lives C#m B My redeemer lives
BRIDGE D You lift my burdens A/C# I'll rise with you E F#m I'm dancing on this mountain top A B To see your kingdom come
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