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None but Jesus Ukulele tab

Hillsong Music Australia

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by chung2jj

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None but Jesus

Capo on 4th fret
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Verse 1:  
In the quiet  
In the stillness  
     Am             Dsus4 D/F#   
I know that You are God  
G            C  
In the secret of Your presence  
    Am            Dsus4 D  
I know there I am restored  
 C    D    G/B     C     D  
When You   call I won?t  re - fuse  
  C   D     G/B     C   D  
Each new   day again  I?ll choose  
Em7             C9    G  D/F#  
There is no one else for me  
   C       Em7  
None but Jesus  
             C9  G  D/F#  
Crucified to set me free  
Now I live to bring Him praise  
Em7  C9  D/F# - (G D/F#)  
Verse 2:  
In the chaos  
in confusion  
    Am                   D/F#  
I know You?re sovereign still  
G            C  
In the moment of my weakness  
      Am                     D/F#  
You give me grace to do Your will  
  C   D     G/B     C       D  
When You   call I won?t  delay  
  C   D    G/B     C             D  
This my    song through all  my days  
Em7  C9  D/F#  G D/F#  x3  (Walk down the G D/F# right before you repeat)  
Em7  C9  D/F#   
Em7       C        G     D/F#  
All my delight is in You Lord  
All of my hope  
All of my strength  
          C    G        D/F#  
All my delight is in You Lord  
Forever more  

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