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Year: 1991 - Album: Greatest Hits

  		 Intro:(D C G)2x  

   There was so many things  
   I was never told  
   Now that I'm starting to learn  
      C9        G  
   I feel I'm growing old  

          D                  C9  
   'Cause yesterday's got nothin' for me  
   Old pictures that I'll always see  
   Time just fades the pages  
   In my book of memories  
   Prayers in my pocket  
            C9           G  
   And no hand in destiny  
   I'll keep on movin' along  
             C9                 G  
   With no time to plant my feet  

           D               C9  
   'Cause yesterday's got nothin' for me  
   Old pictures that I'll always see  
   Somethings could be better  
   If we'd all just let them be  

    A       B  C                     G   
   Oh, yesterday's got nothin' for me  
          A    B  C                   G  
   Yesterday's, oh, got nothin' for me  
                     Bm G Bm G Bm C# D E  
   Got nothin' for me  

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SOLO e|-----------------------------------7--------------------------------- B|------------------------------10b----10-7---------------------------- G|------9b9b->9b1/2-7-9p7-------------------9b-7-9-9b-7---------------- D|--/9--------------------9-7-9---------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------- e|--------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-10b-10b---12b-12b--12b--13b-13b--13b--15b--15----------------------- G|-----------------------------------------------16-13----------------- D|-----------------------------------------------------14-------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------- e|---------12--------12----------------------------------15p12--------- B|------------12-15b----15-12----------------------12----------13b----- G|--12-14---------------------14-12h13-------12-14----14--------------- D|-------------------------------------14-14--------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------- e|------17\------------------------------------------------------------ B|-/17b---------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------
D C9 Yesterday there were so many things G I was never shown D Suddenly this time I found C9 G I'm on the streets and I'm all alone D C9 Yesterday's got nothin' for me G Old pictures that I'll always see D G I ain't got time to reminisce old novel ties A Bm C G Yesterday's got nothin' for me A Bm C G Yesterday's got nothin' for me A Bm C G Yesterday's got nothin' for me A Bm C Yesterday, yeah C9 Yesterday...
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