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To Lay Me Down Ukulele tab

Grateful Dead

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by andrsouza

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To Lay Me Down

G         Em         C               G      C   G 
To lay me down, once more, to lay me down 
        Bm  A              E 
With my head in sparklin' clover 
G                D  Am                 C 
Let the world go by, like the clouds a-streamin' 
          G     F        C               G     C  G 
To lay me down, one last time, to lay me down 

          Bm       Am            D 
To lay me down, oh-oh, to lay me down 
C         G     F        C               G      C   G 
To lay me down, one last time, to lay me down. 

To be with you, once more, to be with you. 
With our bodies close together 
Let the world go by, all lost and dreamin' 
To lay me down, one last time, to lay me down 

To lie with you, once more, to lie with you 
With our dreams entwined together 
To wake beside you, my love still sleepin' 
To tell sweet lies, one last time and say good night 

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Intro e|------------------------0-------------0--------------------| B|------------------------0-------------1--------------------| G|--------------------0---0-------------2--------------------| D|------------0---0h2-----2--2--0h2--0--0--------------------| A|--------0h2-------------2-------------3--------------------| E|--3---3-----------------0-------------3--------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------0------0------0-----------------0------0-----0--| D|---------2-------0------0-----------------2------0-----0----| A|------3--------2------0-----------0--2--3------2-----0------| E|--3--------------------------3--3-------------------------3-|
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